Sick Lacquers

14 Apr

Hi dolls so i’m on my sissys macbook again, it’s so hard for me to use apple products for some reason lol. anyways so today I have Sick Lacquers for review and im just going to jump right in….

First I have “Graffiti” which is a clear base full of black, white, lavender, and blue glitters of hexes, squares, and bar glitters.

2013-03-30 15.40.43

2013-03-30 15.41.01

I layered two super thin coats over Revlon fashionista- perfect match!

2013-03-30 15.40.35

2013-03-30 15.40.06

the formula was great and dried in good time. I did one healthy coat of seche vite on top and it was good to go!

2013-03-30 15.39.44

2013-03-30 15.39.38

I really liked the combos of the glitters on this base because the base shows all of the gitters, even the little tiny ones that you can see!

2013-03-30 15.39.33

2013-03-30 15.39.17

2013-03-30 15.39.00

Next I have “black, white, & blue all over” which is a periwinkle/dusty blue base with large black hex, medium white square,small and bar black and white glitter in matte.

2013-03-30 15.26.37

I did three thin coats on its own and it was perfectly opaque. this polish does not dry smooth so i had to use a healthy coat of seche to smooth it out because of the bars and squares.

2013-03-30 15.26.14

2013-03-30 15.26.08

 2013-03-30 15.24.04

don’t mind the dent i totally made during the photo taking please I didn’t even notice lol

2013-03-30 15.23.51

it dries good and like I said it’s not that smooth but with a good topcoat it will smooth it out and dry it quickly.

next i have “Winters end” which is a clear base full of shredded metallic purple, blue, and with tiny/micro blue glitters with i believe a touch of holo.

 2013-03-30 15.08.06 2013-03-30 15.07.51

I layered two coat over Sinful colors Savage and it was perfect! this one was so easy to work with because i usually have problems with shredded glitter but this one was hassle free. they were almost flat and were just great.

2013-03-30 15.07.36

2013-03-30 15.07.29

2013-03-30 15.07.23

there is so much pretty sparkle IRL I wish you could see how pretty it is…. well you can, get it for yourself!

2013-03-30 15.07.19

2013-03-30 15.07.10

the glitters are sooooo pretty!

2013-03-30 15.07.05  2013-03-30 15.06.51

2013-03-30 15.06.46

2013-03-30 15.06.41giant finger ahh

2013-03-30 15.06.36

great formula and easy to work with! definitely a must have glam!

2013-03-30 15.06.31

Next i have “Peachy Keen” which is a slightly tinted orangey-peach base with matte texture glitter and matte yellow glitter.

2013-03-30 14.41.54

I layered two thin coats over Sinful Colors Orange Cream and it came to be another Match made in Heaven

2013-03-30 14.41.45

This combo is simply stunning

2013-03-30 14.41.33   2013-03-30 14.41.07

can i say it again..? ok yes THIS IS ANOTHER MUST HAVE GLAM!!!  it is so unique and so unlike anything out there it is just so beautiful and sparkly IRL

2013-03-30 14.40.47 2013-03-30 14.40.35

This is a textured glitter so its not a smooth finish but just a couple thin coats of top coat and it smooths out.2013-03-30 14.40.29

I love the textured glitter it is so pretty and popular like all those name brands making textured polishes as well, but they do not have anything like this, that I have seen.

2013-03-30 14.40.25

2013-03-30 14.40.20

2013-03-30 14.38.58

Next I have my second fave, oh first fave was ^. this is Jelly Sandwich which is absolutely pretty! it is a deep vibrant red crelly base with an orange tint loaded with red-orange small and large hex with holo diamonds.

2013-03-30 14.02.29

perfect on its own in just two coats or three thin coats. this photo below is in natural light so you can see how squeeeeesssshhhyyy it is and how vibrant the base color is!

2013-03-30 14.02.18

the photo below is a little more color accurate. can you see the amazing little glitters?

2013-03-30 14.02.08

below are photos with flash and you can see all the glitters in this spicy bottle!(the color makes me feel like if id lick it, it would be spicy)

2013-03-30 14.01.57

2013-03-30 14.01.53

look at all that holo!

2013-03-30 14.01.36

2013-03-30 14.01.31

giant fingers!!!

2013-03-30 14.01.26

2013-03-30 14.01.22

2013-03-30 14.01.16

if you don’t have this you need to get it! there is no need to make a jelly sandwich because there is a perfect one already made for you with a perfect formula that applies so smoothly and dries in good time! this doesn’t even really need a top coat!

2013-03-30 14.01.07  2013-03-30 14.00.47

ok you need to go get my must have glams from SICK LACQUERS because they are so unique and different. well all of them are but those are my must have choices because they are too pretty to pass up! you need to go get them click here or copy and paste . the formulas a great and you will definitely not be disappointed.



4 Responses to “Sick Lacquers”

  1. April Gevedon April 14, 2013 at 4:10 PM #

    WoW! That Jelly Sandwich sure did catch my eye! It was gorgeous!! 💋

  2. lacquerladies April 14, 2013 at 7:02 PM #

    Thank you so much for the amazing review!! I’m so happy you liked all of our polish!!
    Peggie & Jonathan-SickLacquers

    • thethreeglamourgirls May 4, 2013 at 2:19 PM #

      your welcome thank you for the amazing opportunity will be emailing you this week on next review 🙂

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