Forever Polished by Ashley

28 Apr

Hi Dolls I am finally black! its been really hectic but I finally have some pretties here for you that you absolutely have to go check out at least but mostly you need to buy. I already own Forever Polished nail polishes and I can already tell you that they are great polishes! Speaking with the awesome Ashley she was generous to…..GIVE YOU GUYS A 20% DISCOUNT FOR BEING A FOLLOWER OF MINE SO PLEASE GO GET SOMETHING FROM HER COLLECTION HER POLISHES ARE AMAZING! the code for my lovely and amazing followers is “Glamourgirl20” and is valid from now til june 20th! Trust me you will want to buy something and you totally should especially with a discount! who wouldnt right?

2013-04-19 23.31.59

these are the polishes I chose with a couple surprise minis which are

“Spring Time Dream, Last Battle, Blue Smoke, Galaxy Cruiser Remixed, Vibrant Bloom, and Sea Monster”

2013-04-19 23.32.40

First of the bunch is Spring Time Dream which is a purple jelly base with small pink hex and purple irridescent bar glitter. I did two thin coats over a purple base. Perfect Formula and dry time! I hadnt realized how much glitter I had this much glitter all over my fingers till I uploaded the photos so I might redo this one because I am not 100% satisfied with how messy it came out, but here is a couple photos.

2013-04-19 23.28.44

As you may know i am not a big fan of bar glitter but this irridescent purple glitter is just perfect because it is not overpowering the pink hex and just adds that bit of sparkle to the polish.

2013-04-19 23.29.56 2013-04-19 23.30.01

Next I have Vibrant Bloom which is a thermal polish that when warm it turns into a light pastel pink with holo pink small glitter and when cold becomes a vibrant hot pink. I left this beauty alone and was completely taken aback at how beautiful this polish was. Here you can see the polish under warm water, my bedroom happens to be the coldest room in the house so you can imagine how cold it was that I had to put my hands in my sink to warm them up.

So here is the transition of Vibrant Bloom from warm shown below…. look at how cute and pretty it is here!

2013-04-19 23.01.57 2013-04-19 23.02.13   with flash2013-04-19 23.02.31 w/out flash2013-04-19 23.02.34 2013-04-19 23.02.39 2013-04-19 23.02.44

and below is the transition to cold, here you can see my tips getting cold

2013-04-19 23.04.55 2013-04-19 23.04.50 2013-04-19 23.04.46 2013-04-19 23.04.41 2013-04-19 23.04.27 2013-04-19 23.04.17  this polish quickly changes, it is super fast thermal change!

2013-04-19 23.04.11 2013-04-19 23.03.59 2013-04-19 23.03.55 2013-04-19 23.03.50 2013-04-19 23.03.41  see how the chnage is becoming more intense

2013-04-19 23.03.31 2013-04-19 23.03.27  to put under cold water2013-04-19 23.03.11  love this look2013-04-19 23.03.05       i absolutely love the way this looks cold because it is just beautifully stunning!

next i have sea Monster which is a clear base glitter topper with holo hex, green square, blue hex and holo hex. I layered two thin coats over China Glaze Man Hunt which was a perfect base for this polish! Ok look at all this stunning sparkle!!!

2013-04-19 22.27.27 2013-04-19 22.27.01  ahh im so inlove with this one as well!2013-04-19 22.27.01 2013-04-19 22.26.53

Perfect formula and dry time!

2013-04-19 22.26.36 2013-04-19 22.26.24 2013-04-19 22.26.08

So much holo my camera went crazy

2013-04-19 22.25.56 2013-04-19 22.25.37 2013-04-19 22.25.31

Next polish i have is Galaxy Cruiser Remixed which is a sheer blue shimmer base that slightly shifts into purple that is full of pink circle glitter, blue and purple stars, and small and medium holo hex. I layered this over a OPI Dating a Royal.

2013-04-19 22.13.00 2013-04-19 22.12.54  2013-04-19 22.12.03  No fishing required and great glitter payout, overall amazing formula! this is imply gorgeous!2013-04-19 22.11.55 2013-04-19 22.11.49 2013-04-19 22.11.38 2013-04-19 22.11.32 2013-04-19 22.11.12 2013-04-19 22.11.07 2013-04-19 22.11.02 2013-04-19 22.10.57

Next I have Blue Smoke which is a  deep dark blue with non linear holo dust! This is incredible and all the rave!!!

2013-04-19 21.47.31

No undies this one is two coas on its own

2013-04-19 21.47.16 2013-04-19 21.47.07 2013-04-19 21.47.01 2013-04-19 21.46.36 2013-04-19 21.46.28 2013-04-19 21.46.17 2013-04-19 21.46.07 2013-04-19 21.46.01 2013-04-19 21.45.56 2013-04-19 21.45.51 2013-04-19 21.45.45 2013-04-19 21.45.30 2013-04-19 21.45.11  the holo dust in this polish is super gorgeous and so strong!

Last but not least i have Last Battle which is a black base with copper and holo glitters.

2013-04-19 21.33.22 2013-04-19 21.32.56

this is two coats on its own!

2013-04-19 21.32.51 look at all the gorgeous holo!!! it is very subtle but still amazing!

2013-04-19 21.32.31 2013-04-19 21.32.26 2013-04-19 21.31.39 2013-04-19 21.31.39 2013-04-19 21.31.32 2013-04-19 21.31.27 2013-04-19 21.31.06 2013-04-19 21.31.00 2013-04-19 21.30.55  super inlove with this polish!2013-04-19 21.30.55 2013-04-19 21.30.00

If you dont own Forever Polished by Ashley you need to go get some now! the formulas are incredible and just great polishes overall! She definitely does not disappoint. SO GO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE COUPON CODE!!! GET 20% OFF HER WEBSITE ON FOREVERPOLISHEDBYASHLEY.BIGCARTEL.COM OR CLICK HERE AND USE THE CODE “GLAMOURGIRL20” FOR YOUR DISCOUNT!

love always- Dirtyrichhh


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