Sparkle Nail lacquer

22 Jun

Hi everyone! So I have been wanting to post this for a while but as usual life happens but lets just say im two weeks late so I want to thank Sparkle Nail Lacquer for being so nice and patient and lets show her by buying some of these freaking awesome and cutely created polishes that I have for review today.

I have the entire “spongebob collection” as well as “The flying dutchman”. I chose the spongebob collection because… well im going to admit something to you guys. Im about to be 25 years old and I still watch spongebob, im not ashamed at all… I love spongebob, I used to be obsessed with him back in high school days lol. Ok on to the review!




I also have here the “wet look top coat” and two cuticle oils in Peach and Pineapple. 20130607_001548

So the first polish I have here is “bob-bob” which is a clear base loaded with micro red glitters, gold squares, small red hexes, and large ocean blue dots.


I layered this two thin coats over Julep “Kennedy”. I topped this with the “wet look topcoat” and let me tell you if you could see in real life it was super squishy looking!

Check out this perfect combo. This was a breeze to apply and there is the slightest amount for fishing for the large circle glitters but its expected with any large glitters.



great dry time and no issues with the glitters curling . I love the combos of the glitter too, the gold with red and blue is just awesome and the fact that the gold glitters are square is just so cute to me. The gold squares is sponebob, the red is his tie, and the blue dots are his large round blue eyes.



20130606_221619 giant finger!



Next I have K Krabs which is a clear base loaded with micro holographic glitter, white squares,red sqaures, small red dots, and small green stars. I layered this over Orly “Jade” and topped with WLTC (wet look top coat).



Another combo I really love! This dried super fast and the holographic glitter was just the right amount of sparkle because of the matte white and red squares.


No fishing for this baby, it was just easy to get it out and the combos of the glitter remind me of christmas but it does look like the inside of the Krusty Krab.



The Jade base is perfect with this polish don’t you think?



Next I have “P-star” which is a clear base loaded with micro pink glitters, small white squares, lime green hexes, and last pink and holographic stars.


I layered this cute polish over Julep Martha. This was two thin coats and topped with WLTC.


Im on a roll today right guys? this is another perfect combo and truly does remind you of patrick star and all his pink awesomeness!





No fishing here and the formula on this polish was great!!


Next I have the flying dutchman which does not come in the spongebob collection but is obviously related to it. The Flying Dutchman is a glitter bomb of  gold and fuchsia hexes, pink micro glitter, small pink glitter, small ocean blue dots, and medium pink hexes.


I layered 2 thin coats of  this over Loreal Sand castle and it was soooooooo pretty. The glitters are so shiny and the WLTC over this made this mani soo shiny!




The glitters in this are so pretty and they are metallic/foil so they are super shiny on their own!





Next I have “Snailing Gary around” which is a clear base loaded with small blue dots, small white hexes, pink shreds, red bars, and gold hexes. This really does remind me of gary with the pink shreds being his shell, the red bars being his detail on his shell, the blue dots like the ones on his shell, and the gold could be his eyes.


I layered 3 thin coats over Julep Ava. Because of the flash the blue dots look black in this photo and Im sorry I didn’t notice but you can see if in some photos.



20130606_234433the formula on this was great as well, took a little longer to dry only because I did 3 thin coats but other than that, no issues, none of the glitters curled and topped with WLTC, it was super shiny!


20130606_234451 Ava as a base for this polish is sooo pretty because it just made each of the glitters pop individually!


Next I have “Squiddy” which is obviously based on Squidward. This is a clear base with large blue hologrpahic  dots, small silver/blue hexes, and medium blue squares with silver shreds.


I layered two thin coats over Julep “Stella”. Stella is not as dark IRL but it was a great base for this as well. I didn’t really need two coats because so many glitters come out (no fishing) that you can totally get away with just one.




I love the holographic blue dots!



Great formula and good dry time and super shiny as you can tell with the WLTC.

Last I have “Cheeky Sandy” which in other words me! lol I call myself sandy not literally but I say I look like her because I have big genetic cheeks that no matter how skinny I was or get, unfortunately they will never go away lol. Well Cheeky Sandy is a clear base loaded with micro brown glitters, holo dust, holographic blue squares and hexes, pink metallic hexes, and large pink flowers!!


I layered this 1 healthy coat over Ciate “Cabaret” . I didn’t get any flowers on my fingers because I forgot to fish for them and didn’t even realize I didn’t get any until I was editing the photos lol sorry! I will try to remember to upload a photo with the flowers soon!



Like I said there will be a little fishing for the flowers but other than that you are totally fine with just the other glitters which is why I didn’t even realize it. I really liked this combo of the base with the glitters!  But for you guys I recommend trying a lighter color, maybe a pastel pink!



Great formula again and sealed with WLTC.




That’s it guys, I forgot to tell you guys about the cuticle oils which smell amazing!!! She sent me Peach and Pineapple and they both smell incredible! I want to lick my fingers when I have it on and used them both throughout this whole swatch and review fest!

You need to go check out Sparkle Nail Lacquer and check out their unique creations! plus she sends a free cuticle oil with any purchase so go check it out!!! their formulas are great and the collection is such a cute concept! My fave collection by far!!!


-Love always, TTGG, @Dirtyrichhh



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