Beyond the Nail

1 Aug

Hey dolls,

I am BEYOND excited to do this blog post because I am absolutely inlove with what I have here for you guys to check out! You are probably going to see that I am already declaring everything in this post MUST HAVE!!!

Ok so Lets get to it because this post is pic heavy and its for a good reason. I took these photos outdoors because it was such a beautiful day that I felt like swatching in my moms garden on the patio table while I had my music on my phone.

Here are the amazing polishes I got:




Flash Dance, two thin coats over white. Very smooth formula and such a bright neon. This polish reminds me of the tennis balls. IRL they are the exact  same color as them, darn I regret not taking a picture with it now. But anyways check it out how amazing it is!



Yup just my luck I smudged my nail while taking the photos. Its ok though because with Flash Dance over this covers it right up.20130718_192535





Super easy to work with and the neon pigment in this is just amazingly awesome.20130718_192528





Here is Flash Dance over Neon yellow and it was (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh-angels singing) perfection. Flash Dance is Holo Silver stars, small black hex, and neon pink matte squares all in a clear base. 20130718_193448



This is one healthy coat over Neon Yellow, there was a bit of fishing for this polish but all I did was stand this baby on its cap and got all the glitters to the bottom and they were easy to place on my nails.





This took a bit longer to dry with being 4 coats and all but I used HK Girl glisten and glow topcoat and sealed the deal.









Its so awesome right???




I also got these super cute nail decals from Beyond the Nail. As you can see I got yellow duckies, mint seahorses, black skulls, and silver crowns.  The decals are so easy to use. All you have to do is wait till your polish is completely dry and peel the sticker off and place wherever you’d like. After, just top it off with topcoat and that’s it!



The next polish I got is Neon pink which is obviously neon pink polish.




I layered three thin coats on its own and placed a little silver crown on top of my ring finger. This color is gorgeous and I just fell in love with it. My mom even loved it that she is literally wearing it now.









Such a smooth formula as well. This dried quickly and look at that shine!!!!



DO my nails look wet? yes!!! hahaha I love it when they look so shiny and this was perfection, the formula on this one was another perfection!!







Last but not least I have Neon green.20130718_195955



This polish was soooo bright. I layered two thin coats over white and topped with a black skull decal, isnt it cute??



Now, as I have said before, these are my honest reviews and I will not tell you guys something I didnt believe in or doesnt live up to my review so let me be honest here as I will always be and continue to be… I had a bit of trouble with this polish. It was coming out streaky. But I gave a good shake for about a minute or so and realized that the pigments were settling but no biggie, that shake I gave it did it and worked great!





Because I said that the polish was streaky at first, it doesnt make this polish any less amazing because once the pigments mixed up together again it was perfection.


20130718_195932I love this skull decal with the neon green and I cant wait to use them again!!!!







Im a sucker for green and love this polish.



I know I say this alot and I said already too lol but dolls you have to buy this whole collection from Beyond the Nail. Buy buy buy buy buy!!!! Go buy them here or copy and paste They even have thermal polishes!!!! I am definitely going to be a loyal customer and hopefully their loyal blogger!!! The formulas on the polishes were great and even though Neon Green was streaky at first, a good shake brought it back to life and did not at all alter my perception or opinion on Beyond The Nail. You guys need to go buy them and check them out!!! and get yourself some nail decals you can choose whatever color you want it in the drop down menu and there is just tons of options.

Love Dirtyrichhh


ps hope you guys like this … I couldn’t wait to post these photos.


Beyond the nail just contacted me and let me know the k_f_c change the formula on the neon green polish because they all 3 light today was streaking and now it is just perfection in a bottle so now you have no excuse to not to go get some


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