Whimsical Creativity Delightful Lacquers

Hi Glamourous beauties!! I have not posted anything in about a week but I have just been so busy preparing these swatches with this beautiful collection from Delightful Lacquers. I can not emphasize enough how amazing and pretty each and every single polish is in this line. You will see in the swatches how sparkly and pretty they all are!

ok so lets get to it!

I chose the following polishes “Nightshade, Purple Lotus, ❤ Pink, Alliance Blue, Super Holo, Lucky, Mermaid, and Enchanted Forest”.

2013-02-09 15.03.32

In this photo below you can see how much sparkly glitter goodness in these polishes including Holographic glitter!! Holo glitter is packed in each and every single one of these polishes!!!!!!!!!!2013-02-09 15.03.41

First of the bunch we have here is my absolutely favorite “Enchanted Forest”. Enchanted forest is a deep green holographic jelly. I know this bottle shot does not show the holo in it but scroll down and you will see why this quickly became my favorite!

I took almost two weeks doing these polishes because when I started swatching even just the first one below, I wanted to wear it for more than a day so I did. I wore all these for at least 1 day some up to 3!

2013-02-09 15.06.52

As I was applying the first coat I was literally in awe. The polish was so smooth and so easy to apply that with just one coat, the holo glitter was shining strongly throughout the stroke of each layer. No undies!!! With only one thin layer of Seche Vite.

2013-02-03 22.36.53

I understand why this polish is name enchanted forest, duh one because of the deep green color and two, the holo glitter just makes it magical!!!

2013-02-03 22.37.21

This was only two coats!!! can you believe how pretty it is! I know I can’t!

2013-02-03 22.39.40

blurry photos to show how sparkly it is even though it doesn’t really need the blur to show!

2013-02-03 22.39.03

The pictures for this polish does not do it justice trust me! It has great dry time and seriously is perfection in a bottle.

2013-02-04 19.17.53

Next I have Nightshade, a second favorite! Green and purple are my favorite colors so obviously this one had to be next! Nightshade is a deep purple jelly base with silver hex, purple hex, purple bars, and small holo.

2013-02-09 15.06.27

This polish is simply stunning and gorgeous! I did two layers of this polish and I am in love! I love the layering look of this polish because through each layer you can still see each and every single one of the glitters shining through the beautiful purple base.

2013-02-04 23.10.02

Look at how my camera captures the holo. These polishes are taken with flash and not inside my light box, why? because my smart self completely forgot!

2013-02-04 23.10.13

2013-02-04 23.10.18

2013-02-04 23.10.47

Giant Fingers! Look at all the pretty and perfectly combined glitter pieces in this polish. If I would have done one more coat, it would have been almost black! Great dry time and no curling of glitter at all. 2013-02-04 23.11.39

2013-02-04 23.11.44

Simply stunning right?

2013-02-04 23.12.54

Third I have is Alliance Blue. Alliance blue is a a clear base glitter bomb of blues and silvers! Included in this polish is light blue bar glitters, silver hexes, holo, and dusty blue glitters.

2013-02-09 15.06.12

I layered this polish over Revlon’s “Fashionista” which i do not recommend at all. That polish was horrible, it bubbled completely on all my fingers and even though it bubbled like no other, I love the color so I still used it because the color went perfectly with this glitter bomb. The good thing was that Alliance Blue smoothed out the bubbles or covered them lol whatever, it did not mess this swatch up!

2013-02-05 12.15.48

This is 2 easy thin coats over my base which sparkled so beautifully. I really liked this combo because it looks so simple yet sparkly!

2013-02-05 12.16.08

2013-02-05 12.15.57

2013-02-05 12.16.20

2013-02-05 12.17.03

Below are some photos without flash to show the glitters a little better.

2013-02-05 12.17.41

2013-02-05 12.18.01

Giant fingers show how cute and densely packed this polish is with glitter, this polish is truly a glitter bomb!2013-02-05 12.18.05

2013-02-05 12.17.55

Fourth we have ❤ Pink (less than 3 pink) which is a clear base filled with pink/fuschia-ish and silver holographic glitters.

2013-02-09 15.06.17

I layered Less than 3 Pink on top of Kleancolor Love Affair.I did two thin coats even though 1 coat would have been enough. Again, great dry time and smooth formula.

2013-02-05 19.38.53

2013-02-05 19.39.50

Flash pictures to show the holo glitter.2013-02-05 19.39.02

I love combining pink and purple and it really went perfectly with this purple. 2013-02-05 19.42.59

2013-02-05 19.43.08

Next we have Purple Lotus. Purple Lotus is a clear base with small and medium purple and silver hexes and  holo glitter.

2013-02-09 15.06.22

I layered 2 thin coats of Purple Lotus over 2 coats Essie Nice is Nice.

2013-02-06 20.00.00

2013-02-06 20.00.11

2013-02-06 20.01.18

How adorable is this combo? I think this is perfect for spring!! it applied smoothly and no fishing whatsoever (with any of them) and good dry time.

2013-02-06 20.01.29

Giant finger!

2013-02-06 20.01.39

Below are two photos without flash to show the base and let the glitters shine on their own.

2013-02-06 20.07.27

I used a slight dabbing but honestly, did not need it!

2013-02-06 20.07.42

Another glitter bomb we have is Super holo. Super holo is a clear base with micro and small holo glitter hexes. This is amazing!!! so much holo in so much bottle it is too pretty.

2013-02-09 15.06.38

I layered this polish over 2 coats of  Julep Lauren. Two thin coats of Super holo

2013-02-06 20.54.49

sorry I messed up on my thumb but anyways, Pink and glitter always a perfection right?

2013-02-06 20.55.37

2013-02-06 20.54.42

Yup my thumb made an appearance today. This polish is truly a super polish with this much holo glitter so easily packed in and able to apply.

2013-02-06 20.55.46

Smooth formula and no issues with this polish at all.

2013-02-06 20.56.55

2013-02-06 20.57.07 ahh sparkle

2013-02-06 20.57.02

Next is Lucky. Lucky is a clear base with square green, gold bars,  micro gold squares, diamond-shaped, shreds, and so much more. Such a perfect St. Pattys day Mani.

2013-02-09 15.06.43

I Layered two thin coats of Lucky over 2 coats of  Ciate Taxi driver.

2013-02-08 20.01.48

Giant Fingers!

2013-02-08 20.01.57

2013-02-08 20.02.04

This mani received lots of compliments! This combo is perfect! The sparkle in this polish like all of the others is simply stunning and of course there are some holo glitters in this. why wouldn’t there be?

2013-02-08 20.08.00

2013-02-08 20.06.24

2013-02-08 20.12.39

2013-02-08 20.12.52 another giant finger in natural light

Natural light photo, do you see how amazing it sparkles. Of course application was great, no fishing, no curling, good dry time and smooth with Seche Vite!

2013-02-08 20.12.48

Last but not least, is Mermaid. Mermaid is a clear base with small deep green hexes, medium silver hexes, holo glitter,  and turqoise/teal bar glitters.

2013-02-09 15.06.48

I layered Mermaid over Barielle, I dont know the name because the polish label came off but if you know it, feel free to comment below and let me know. 2 coats of barielle and 1 dabbing coat of Mermaid.

2013-02-08 21.19.50

2013-02-08 21.20.06

Smooth formula, great glitter combo, good dry time, and such a unique glitter polish.

2013-02-08 21.21.05

2013-02-08 21.21.20

here is a photo in natural light which showcases the mermaid feel to this polish. It is so cute, this polish really does remind me of the ocean, the base was perfection to capture the mermaid feel to this polish.

2013-02-08 21.20.49

Whimsical Creativity sells their polishes on Etsy here, (http://www.etsy.com/shop/WhimsicalCreativity?ga_search_query=lucky)  ,but also sells jewelry and much more. Honestly, this polish needs to be raved about because the polishes are amazing, they have amazing formulas, they all sparkle perfectly, the combos are great, and I just can’t get enough of these polishes. Any polish from this line is a must have. Go get some of these pretties. I highly recommend getting Nightshade first as a must have because it is a Limited Edition polish and only 13 bottles were made, and once sold out, its gone!!! Check out her other polishes because I sure will be purchasing some more from this great line. I cannot understand why more people aren’t buying from them!



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