Wing Dust

Hey dolls, so in the midst of my giveaway I am doing this blog post that I am so very sorry took too long I didn’t plan on taking this long but I had 2 darn breaks and you will see in this post but hopefully my nubs don’t ruin these beautiful polish swatches to please bare with me because of this crazy l.a weather (cold one day, hot next, super cold night, hot morning, rain but hot and humid) has really taken a toll on my hands and nails drying them and peeling them but I’m trying some new bases, lotions, and oil. Ok anyways, today I have Wing Dust nail polishes in Cotton Candy Kisses, Fairy blind, and Gilt-y Pleasure. First might I say, look at the cute packaging with the organza butterfly pouches! I love it!

2013-03-06 23.00.50

2013-03-06 23.00.01

2013-03-06 23.00.24

So first I have the polish I have been lemming for literally like 3 months which id Gilt-y Pleasure. This polish is a 23 Karat  yellow AND white gold (!) flakes in a clear base with purple iridescent flakes and some pretty little blue shimmer. I am completely in love!

2013-02-19 23.49.59

I have been wanting gold flaked nail polish since it started coming out but couldn’t find one that had big flakes. The Sephora one were tiny flakes and other indie brands that I saw were great but this one is completely unique. I mean come on it has yellow AND WHITE gold flakes with purple iridescent flakes and subtle blue shimmer. This polish is like nothing anyone else makes. other brands I see make simple yellow gold flakes but this one is completely different.

2013-02-19 23.50.10

2013-02-19 23.48.46

This polish has so much depth it is simply amazing! I paired this baby with kleancolor fuchsia which looked so perfectly girly it was a perfect match.

2013-02-19 23.49.49 ahh giant finger

pink and gold=perfect, pink and silver=perfect!

2013-02-19 23.50.04

I have to admit I also took long on this post because I wore this amazing polish for 3 days, I couldn’t take it off and trust me I had so many compliments from people on how stunning it is.

2013-02-19 23.48.51

2013-02-19 23.49.08

btw yeah that unevenness is not cute but I couldn’t bare filing down my nails more

2013-02-19 23.49.41

This polish was one coat over two coats fuchsia, so much flakes come out that there is no fishing whatsoever. Great formula, it was not too thick and with some seche had great dry time! Perfection in a bottle!

2013-02-19 23.49.54

Ok on to my next favorite is Fairy Blind. Fairy blind which is so stunning! it is a clear base with purple, lilac, blue,navy, periwinkle (eek), and silver hexes of all sizes, squares, and so much more including a hint of yellow and pink with purple and blue shimmer. How adorable and cute and amazing is this?

2013-03-06 22.33.25

This is simply one coat over Loreal Royalty Reinvented. Glitter bomb anyone? yes please!

2013-03-06 22.33.57

2013-03-06 22.36.38

you can really see the yellow here ah so pretty I love it too! Again, no issue whatsoever with the formula and had great dry time. it dried to a smooth finish with one coat of seche!

2013-03-06 22.34.03

2013-03-06 22.33.32

Yeah, I had another break in this photo so I had to file them all down Sad smile

2013-03-06 22.34.39

anyways isn’t this just stunning??

2013-03-06 22.36.16

Ok last but certainly not least is Cotton Candy kisses. This polish is a frosty pale pink base with a undertone of lavender and has purple, green, and a little pink shimmer that I’m catching. It was very hard to capture but I think I got some great shots of the shimmer. anyways, I am not that into frosty nail polishes because they tend to show any and all imperfections of your nails so I tend to stay away but this is simply stunning.

2013-03-06 22.55.02

I layered two thin coats of Cotton Candy Kisses over one coat of Sally Hansen grey by grey which has a blue undertone that I think just made this polish shine so pretty!

2013-03-06 22.55.37

in this photo the shimmer looks like CG Fairy dust doesn’t it? I don’t have it ( I need it!) but I feel like it has the simple and most pretty shimmer like fairy dust does, doesn’t it? (does, doesn’t ? lol)

2013-03-06 22.55.08

2013-03-06 22.55.12

again great formula, this polish needs to be applied very smoothly and carefully because of the texture and base of it so as you can see I messed up a teeny bit on my middle finger but nothing too bad. I did one thin coat of seche with this one and dried smoothly and nicely.

2013-03-06 22.55.27

2013-03-06 22.55.32

ugh I honestly cant get over this sparkle in it!

Recommend? hell yeah!!! Wingdust are a must in every addicts collection! if you don’t already own some of their polishes check out their etsy as well as llarowe for availability. The polishes are simply stunning and it looks like they cannot disappoint. I was extremely honored to have had them send me polishes for review because they are such a big seller I thought that I didn’t have a chance and instead they were super nice and send me Cotton Candy Kisses for free! Trust me you need to have these three in your collection they are not like anything else out there!

Check their etsy out here  ( as well as



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