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Blue-Eyed Girl summer collection

16 Jul

Hey dolls,

so tonight I have an awesome post for you.

this post is about,well you guessed it Blue-Eyed Girl lacquer. I have 4 polishes from this summer collection “Far from the sun” which is inspired by the beaches and sunset.

First from the summer collection “Chlorine Light” which is bright blue medium/subtle linear holographic with some flakies. This polish leans on the metallic side and above all is a one coater!!!!!! It has a great formula and so easy to apply.



Next is “If you’re a Seascape” which is a coral linear holo polish with a pink to gold shift. This one is a beauty!!! it is so fragile and pretty, reminds me of cotton candy. This filter is not color accurate and is more coral leaning in person and the formula was great, opaque in two coats!!! My fave of the collection!

20140715_211002 (1)




Next is “Intersecting Lines in the sand” which is a yellow-gold almost green leaning linear holo with such a crazy tri color shift. I tried to get the shift into purple, blue, and pink but no sun and only lamps/flash were not agreeing with this polish, it is so hard to photograph, but look at this gorgeous color.




Last is “Born of the sea” which is a medium green with some pink and teal sparkles you can totally see them in the photos below. It was a great formula and so easy to apply!!

20140715_204213 (1)



Dolls this isn’t the whole collection. If you want more, go check out the rest of the collection when it releases july 20 at 1pm pst. You can check out the Instagram @blueeyedlawyer and twitter as well as facebook blue eyed girl lacquer.


Definitely recommend these awesome formulas and polishes.

Love always,



Melt Cosmetics 6X6 lipstick swatcg

26 Jun

Hey guys,

so tonight I have a quick swatch of Melt Cosmetics 6×6 lipstick

this lipstick is a deep vampy red with brown undertones

it is so rich in color I am in love with it


below i posted a look I did using this lipstick. One rule to all makeup looks, choose your focus, if your doing vibrant, deep, and intense eyeshadows or eyeliner look, you want the rest of your face to be simple. So if you want your eyeshadow/eyelook to be the main focus, do a simple nude/ish/clean lipstick and face.

If your focus is your lipstick, then you need a simple clean eyelook so that your lipstick is all people focus on. So thats what I did here, Deep vampy lips with simple black liquid eyeliner and tail with just nude colors on my eyes!



Colors by Llarowe Tank Tops and Flip Flops

23 Jun

Hi Dolls,

if you havent already heard or purchased from Llarowe, go now, run, don’t walk to llarowe.com and sign up for the newsletter so you can purchase her own polish line Colors by Llarowe.

This polish line is my biggest collection yet! I have over 50 polishes from this line and I am completely inlove with every single collection she has made. I started purchasing this line about 8 months ago and can not vouch enough for how amazing the quality and amazingness of each polish she makes. Colors  by llarowe has now reached over 223,000 likes on facebook… THAT’S MORE THAN JULEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it goes to show how amazing her polishes are and by me telling you it’s actually bad because now there will be more competition when her polishes go live and I could actually not be able to purchase them because of such high demand, but trust me. IT’S WORTH BUYING!!!!!!!!!  I am also part of some facebook groups dedicated to Leah ann Llarowe and her amazing collection, so take a moment, open a new tab and google colors by llarowe, you will see allllllll the beauty that is Colors by Llarowe, oh and LA (leah ann llarowe- the creator/maker) is super sweet woman!

Ok onto this polish here is a swatch of the beautiful and top 10- TANK TOPS AND FLIP FLOPS summer 2013

this is 2 medium coats but could be a one coater!!!!!!!




Perfect formula and perfect holo and color is gorgeous!!!!!!




run! sign up for the newsletter, and if there are any in stock ( i doubt it) get them!!!



love, dirtyrichhh

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