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Lavish Polish “Snowball”

11 Jan

Hey dolls so let me first say sorry that I have disappeared for a while.  It was mostly due to holidays being so busy for me. I was working 10 hour days as well as had family visiting and staying with us as well as being sick. Ughhh! It started with a sore throat at work, thought I had the common cold and then the next day I woke up with no voice and my throat burning. Still thought it was a common cold, took vitamins, sore throat spray, and teas. But I just kept on getting worse. I couldn’t breathe at night when I tried sleeping because I was wheezing.The wheezing in my chest made me realize this wasn’t just a normal cold but still tried to fight it with everything and tylenol severe cold. It wasn’t doing anything and even had fevers. Went back to work after christmas break, oh btw I got sick on the 27th, and at work i started coughing like crazy- felt like I was about to cough up a lung, then started…………………….. ughh vomiting, so I left work early and went to my urgent care found out I had Acute Bronchitis with a inflamed tonsil. Doctor told me that the tonsil and bronchitis together were causing me to vomit every time I ate and I actually lost 4 pounds (I should get sick more often) jk jk. Anyways that news was not good but I was prescribed antibiotics and cough meds. The bad thing is I couldn’t drink on NYE but I still had a great time with my loved ones, I didn’t even get home til 5 am. But I can say that now finally I feel a lot better. I think I’m 90% better, but bad news is that I passed the cough to my sister who in turn passed it to my mom so this house is not a healthy house but today I think we are all healthy. Trust me we washed everything and even threw out our toothbrushes lol. Ok so long excuse over lets get to the review…

You guys know I love me some Lavish polish. The ladies over there are super nice and so great to work with. I need to tell you that during the month of December I had been looking for a WHITE HOLO. I couldn’t find one and didn’t know why. Well when thought about it I realized- to make a white holo polish you have to realize that the holo/spectraflair tends to dull and grey most polishes, even as topper. It is very hard to find a non-greying holo topcoat. So anyways if you add the holo to a white base, it mostly greys it out and dulls the white. I had some polishes that were described a christmas polish but were mostly grey or on the grey side. Finally Emely over at @Lavishpolish released a photo of  their christmas collection and out of all the beautiful polishes in the photo my eye caught one polish in particular. I commented on her photo and asked “is that”Snow a WHITE HOLO??????????” and she replied “why yes it is” …

I DIED!!!! I thought I had to get is, so Lavish sent me the polish for review and here it is…. Here is “Snowball”……….. 20131206_123322


Here is the description from their website “Snowball is a gorgeous white holo, we made it as holo and white as possible”. When I read the description I knew I had to have it. I understood that by them saying as holo and as white as possible it was going to either be on the grey side or that the holo would be weak, or some kind of factor like that. Well I can tell you that this is seriously a WHITE HOLO polish.  Below I layered three thin coats on my pink and ring finger while two thin coats over a white polish on my middle and pointer.


The holo is visible in sunlight and subtle in regular indoor lighting. The formula was a dream and although at three thin coats it wasnt  opaque enough to cover my VNL (visible nail line) I really didnt care because it is so delicate and…. Holiday-ee? that I just loved it like this!!!


You can really see the holo in these photos and it is a tad subtle ,TAD!


I definitely love this. I love it like this and think it’s just magical. Kind of reminds me of the castle at disneyland during christmas






If you fellow polish addicts have not already checked out or bought from Lavish Polish you are seriously missing out!! Go check them out!! Click here to check them out.  Their formulas are usually a dream to work with and their glitter bombs=omg!!! Definitely worth it. This polish is part of the HOLO-DAYS collection and has 4 other friends along. Beautiful colors. Go!


Love always-Dirtyrichhh



Photo taken from google images



5 Mar

Hey dolls so today I have Starrily polish. I hope you guys liked the Lippie post… Anyways these are the little pretties

2013-03-02 13.10.31

So first of the bunch we have Pajama Party which is a baby pink base full of  hex and square glitters. How cute is this? The formula is perfect! it is not too thick and applies smoothly. This is only two coats and it is opaque enough.

2013-02-27 22.40.51

There are a mix of green, pink, purple, blue, white, and yellow glitters.

2013-02-27 22.41.16

2013-02-27 22.41.51 giant finger!

2013-02-27 22.41.22

2013-02-27 22.41.01

Next is Peppermint which is a white milky base with green,blue, and red glitters in bars, hexes, squares, and hearts.

2013-02-27 22.23.04

There was fishing for the hearts but maybe if I had gotten the full size bottle it might have had more hearts because I really wanted some of the hearts to come out! well it doesnt affect how pretty this polish is.  Again, the formula is really great and was opaque in two coats!

2013-02-27 22.23.09

Next I have mistletoe. I know its not any where near christmas but I just love holiday nail polishes. So this polish has a deep green jelly base with small and medium green glitter with red hexes as well. This is two coats on its own. I know you can see Visible Nail Line (VNL) but I actually like the way it looks.

2013-03-02 01.26.31

2013-03-02 01.26.38

2013-03-02 01.26.51

This is too pretty and the formula was on the sheer side obviously but green being my favorite color I am a little biased, either way this polish would look really pretty over a deep green polish. Great dry time as well

2013-03-02 01.26.56

2013-03-02 01.27.02

Next I have Poptart. Poptart is a white base with a rainbow mix of glitters, sizes, and shapes. This is two coats on its own and is completely opaque.

2013-02-27 23.00.37

Good formula and you can see all the glitters. There are so many types of glitters including bar, hex,shreds,and irridescent.

2013-02-27 23.00.55

2013-02-27 23.01.06 giant finger

Now I have one of my favorite of the bunch which is “Rich Bitch” of course its because of the name haha. Anyways, Rich Bitch has irridescent green glitters, green bars, green and lime hex. I layered this polish over Julep Adrianna. Perfect base because it is a pistachio creme.

2013-03-02 01.04.50

One dabbing coat  and this much of glitter comes out!

The formula was good just took a little longer for it to dry than the others but nothing major.

2013-03-02 01.02.50

2013-03-02 01.03.24

really pretty right? all that green $$$

2013-03-02 01.03.02

2013-03-02 01.03.06

Last polish of the bunch is a late Valentines day mani which is Bleeding Love. Bleeding love is a bubblegum pink base with red bars, shreds, hex, and hearts!

2013-03-05 21.36.17

super cute! only two coats of this on its own and a bit of fishing for the heart glitter but as I always say, its the usual problem with large sized glitters.

2013-03-05 21.35.55

2013-03-05 21.35.47

I really wish I would have gotten hearts on my nails but it is still really pretty.

2013-03-05 21.35.24

2013-03-05 21.35.40


I recommend getting these and many more and new! polishes from her etsy store which you can go here (http://www.etsy.com/shop/Starrily)

The shop has tons of newbies and I already see some that I want! Go check it out!

-Love Dirtyrichhh


Christmas Mani

10 Feb

Hi guys I know this is so late but Im finally showing you guys my christmas mani. For some reason I couldnt send the pictures to my computer but here it is! Below is a photo of the polishes I used to make this mani!

I am so inlove!


I first applied Lacquerlicious Christmas Garland with one thin coat. Then I used Jindie Nails Yule love this again 1 thin coat and then I applied Jindie Nails Candy cane which completely sealed the deal. I am so still inlove with this I think that Candy Cane is so gorgeous.

2012-12-23 17.06.01Candy Cane:

White cream/jelly base with matte large and medium hex, red metallic and green metallic hex. Perfect formula for this baby no wonder I love it. There was a little fishing for the large red hex which is what I wanted on each nail and it really makes the polish stand out! Opaque on its own in 2-3 coats.

2012-12-23 17.07.01YLT :

is a white base polish with red, green, and gold round glitter. This polish was thin and sheer but it was perfect for layering!

2012-12-23 17.06.22 Christmas Garland:

“This polish is in a white cream/jelly base with any and every shade and type of red, magenta, pink, light pink, green, light green, and silver glitter. Matte, hologram, foil… Hex, square, bar… from tiny to large”. This polish was a little on the thick side but completely workable! Opaque on its own in 2 coats!

2012-12-23 17.05.31 just another look with a top coat I have been trying out. So far this Nuance by Salma Hayek top coat makes my polish shine and dries super fast no matter how many layers of polish I have making glitter polishes super smooth but only downside is that it peels polish after 2 days in whole which is kind of a good thing to some but I love it either way!

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