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Glitter guilty

29 Jul

Hey dolls,

I have been recovering from a fever and cold this week and still a little sick but I needed to show you this duo from Glitter Guilty that I can just tell you is already amazing!!!! Especially my MUST HAVE GLAM, it is incredible. ahhh can’t get enough of it.

Ok so here is the duo that I got from Glitter guilty which are The 80’s were the Bomb and Masquerade.



First is The 80’s were the BOMB. I did three thin coats on it’s own but two healthy coats are perfect! This polish is a neon coral orange base with black and silver holo shreds.


The formula was perfection and can I say that I would kill for the rest of the collection and I want them both with and without the glitters!!!


The brightness and vibrancy of the base has such amazing pigmentation and I just can’t get enough and must I say dolls, this is my MUST HAVE GLAM it is just such a beautiful polish.




I took a million photos and didn’t want to take this baby off!!!


Part 2 of the duo is Masquerade which is a fuschia purple jelly base with gorgeous micro bright blue flakes, fuchsia and turquoise dots, and matte white squares. This base is slightly more bright IRL. This is 3 thin coats on it’s own and again it’s totally opaque in two healthy coats.



I love how we can see the blue flakies come through the jelly base.




Another amazing formula as well!!




BTW as you can see, I did a couple swatches with glossy top coat and one with matte top coat.

Glammies, if you have not checked out Glitter Guilty then you need to click here  or just copy and paste http://www.glitterguilty.com/ into your address box. Ugh Glitter guilty also has some other amazing polishes that I just need to get (hint hint) lol anyways dolls GO GO GO I know I say this a lot but THE 80’S WERE THE BOMB is definitely must have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go check out the amazing formulas with such unique and amazing depth into the polishes!!

LOVE- Dirtyrichhh


Bold eyeliner

8 Jul

Hi dolls so here I have another quick look for you!

the camera makes my skin look a lot more yellow then it really is but here I have a coral shadow with some ligh yellow and nude shadow on lid. I paired this with a bold liquid liner on top and bottom and smoked out on bottom with some black shadow. Topped with some as usual great last mascara! Eyeshadows are from BH Cosmetics 120 original palette first edition. Liquid liner is Physicians Formula.

I just finished doing my final for my summer school so thats why this is a quick post because I need to finish a final project as well! Have a good one dolls and hope you like! Please let me know what kinds of looks youd like me to do. I would love for you guys to give me some ideas.

-Love Dirtyrichhh


Pipe Dream Polish

10 Jun



Hi glamour dolls, so today I have Pipe Dream Polish. I was so excited for this review because as you will see the bases are amazing… oh yeah they are all colored bases with glitter! oh yeah and I have Pink elephants and Lemonade probably one of the prettiest polishes ever!

Lights, Camera, Action!

First I have Hanging on Like a Yo Yo which is a  neon pink-coral crelly based with multi colored hexes. This is 3 thin coats on its own and it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty. I love coral and this is the perfect polish if you want a bright base and glitter that isn’t too….Loud?




the base is perfect! ahhh it is such a beautiful rich color that I can’t resist.



“Wake me up before you go go dont leave me hanging on like a yo yo” love this song and its all I think about when I saw this polish. The glitter payout was great, no fishing and just had to give it a couple shakes, which is standard in all nail polishes.


The  formula on this is perfect as I said before. It is just right and look at how smooth it is!!!


The VNL is not so Visible in real life. I didn’t realize it was visible till I took the photos but other than that you can’t really see the Nail line.



Next I have Deep in my Daydreams. “This polish is made up of 3 different sizes of turquoise/teal matte glitter with blue-green iridescent glitter in a magenta base with a violet glow undertone”.



This is 3 thin coats on its own and super pretty and super amazing formula as well. I love the combos of the turquoise glitter with the magenta base its so….Unique!




This polish does dry a little matte so I applied one coat of top coat.





Next I have the famous Pink Elephants and Lemonade! This is the top seller in the Pipe Dream Polish shop and I definitely know why now.  This polish is a dusty turquoise crelly base with medium and small hot pink and dark yellow glitters .



This is 3 thin coats and it is simply stunning!


I couldn’t wait to put this on and it just came out beautifully out of the bottle and onto my nails. The formula is amazing!!! No issues with glitter or glitter payout and do you see how smooth this baby is? ughhh definitely a GlamMustHave!






I don’t think I’ll ever want to let go of this bottle




Next is Shot through the Heart (shot through the heart and you’re to blame. Darling you give love a bad name)which is a purple base that shifts very slightly to a sapphire with 3 different sized glitter of silver, gunmetal, and violet holo!



This is 3 thin coats and look at how all the photos you can actually see the shift to sapphire. Inst it gorgeous?



you can see it mostly on my tips but IRL its more visible.



Another amazing formula and I just thought this was such a unique polish (another unique I know, but you can’t blame me, just look at the photos!)


Last I have “What are your or what?” which is a deep purple base and hint of navy crelly base with teal, fuchsia, a “winter” blue as i call it or as PDP calls it “Ice” blue, periwinkle, iridescent purple, and iridescent blue-green glitters. I know so many but it just makes it that much more…… you guessed it, Unique. This is 3 thin coats on its own.



Ok the formula on this is amazing and look at the depth in this beauty! It kind of reminds me of the sea at night.



20130528_002406 look at how beautiful this is!!!


Ok guys, You neeeeeeeeeeeed to go get at least Pink Elephants and Lemonade, Hanging on Like a Yo Yo, and what are you or what… they are sooo pretty and different (not using unique again lol). They are soooo worth it and at only $7.25 for an indie brand? that is insane!!! go and take advantage of her discount that she is having right now  which is the code HITCHED which takes an extra 15% off because April (Pipe dream polish, aka she lol) is getting married. Congrats April! OK I didn’t say this earlier but I will say it here, april is such a sweetheart and a great person to talk to…. I took long on this review because of well life, and if you follow my instagram you will see why… but she was soooo understanding and because she didn’t have the supplies for one of the polishes I patiently waited and she did so in return to me, not that she still wouldn’t have, and not that im complaining because like I said before, Life Happens, and I definitely hope to continue working with April again… (cough cough April i see some I want on my nails already cough cough) excuse me! lol anyways definitely get your hands on some PDP because I can already see PDP becoming a in demand brand to look for! Click here or http://www.etsy.com/shop/pipedreampolish. You cannot pass these amazing smooth formulas and creative (not using unique again) polishes! They are a Must have!!


-Love always, @Dirtyrichhh

Stay Glammed!

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