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Literary Lacquers Limited Edition: 1000 Christmas Trees

21 Jun

Hey dolls I know I have not posted in about a month but I am here now and just wanted to do this post for you guys. So today I have Literary Lacquers Limited Edition polish 1000 christmas trees. Yes, it was during the christmas season and yes, I am just getting to blog about it but you guys just need to see this baby that I purchased.

This is a deep forest green with both linear and scattered holo!!!!!!!!!  It’s also a one coater!



Dont you just love how pretty it is!!????!!!20140110_224128


Incidental Twin Nail Polish

27 Jul

Hey dolls, so today I have Incidental Twin Nail Polish trio for you guys!

The polishes are Ooky, AFP, and Holiday Excess.





The first Polish I have here is the amazing Holiday Excess. This is a clear base loaded with tons of hexes in vibrant colors such as red, green, gold, and silver.

I layered this beauty two thin coats over Lime Crime Parfait Day. 20130717_212923

Isnt it just gorgeous!!!??? This mix and array of glitters is so unique and amazing I just love it and the polish has a good formula! 20130717_212817



No fishing here glammies!! So much glitter comes out of this its amazing.



20130717_212850Giant fingers


Next polish is AFP is a sheer red jelly with red medium and large hexes. I just started getting into jelly polishes with same colored glitter and loving this  as well. This is 3 thin coats on its own and 2 is totally enough.





Great formula!! Dried super quickly and loved the richness of the red base.20130717_210121




Last but not least is Ooky. Ooky is a sheer purple base with orange glitter. I layered this one coat over a black polish and loved the effect as well. The purple/lilac tint disappears on the nail almost completely but this totally reminds me of halloween.20130717_204203

20130717_204233Sorry for the mess with this one I ran out of remover and it was too late to go buy some… so I apologize please forgive me!!!

but dolls you should check out incidental twins and their cool full size bottles that are on the website… check them out here at http://www.etsy.com/shop/incidentaltwins




Utopias Polish

13 May

Hi dolls, I know its been a while but I am finally done with finals and I am graduating May 22nd eek! so I have some free time now!! yay!!!

Ok so today I have a set of Trio from Utopias Polish. We will jump right into it. First is Happy Mother’s Day which is a pastel yellow base with blue, red, white, orange, green, and a hint of yellow hexes, squares, and small glitter.

Photos shown is 3 thin coats on its own.

2013-04-27 00.42.30

Formula on this polish is good it is a little thick but thats only because of all the glitter that comes out of it. It is  loaded with glitter and has amazing payout. It is great and such a cute combination of base and glitter.

2013-04-27 00.41.45 giant finger!

2013-04-27 00.41.59

This photo is more color accurate

2013-04-27 00.42.30



2013-04-27 00.41.45

The second polish is Pink in the Sun which is a clear base loaded with neon pink butterflies, hot pink hearts, neon pink and yellow hexes, gold micro glitters, flowers, neon pink bars, and squares.

I layered this polish 2 thin coats over Sation Love at First Byte.  I am absolutely inlove with topper!!!! it is insanely gorgeous!!! The formula is great and had great dry time! No issues whatsoever with the glitter and no fishing!!!

2013-04-26 23.51.32

2013-04-26 23.51.42

Pink is not my fave volor but it is super awesome on this polish!


2013-04-26 23.51.59 look at the glitters!!!!!!!!

Last of the trio I have Jelly Bean which is a pastel pink base with hexes and squares in matte pink, red, blue, white, and yellow with holo gold and silver.  The listing said light purple and this base does have a hint of purple almost lilac but it is pink.

Photos shown are 3 thin coats alone.

2013-04-27 00.27.16


2013-04-27 00.27.27This is a bit more color accurate

2013-04-27 00.27.31


formula was great as well on this polis. Dried really quick and was not as thick as I thought it would be. It is a bit of a Crelly formula and was a breeze to work with!

2013-04-27 00.27.39

2013-04-27 00.27.51

2013-04-27 00.28.02

2013-04-27 00.28.18


2013-04-27 00.28.47

2013-04-27 00.28.57

Overall, Utopias Polish has some amazing polish creations and I would highly recommend you to check them out! They are so amazing to work with and I cant wait to try some more polishes from their collection! oooh check out their new polish Bit of Mint I am sooo loving it! The formulas are great and although Jelly Bean shows more purple in the shop photos it might have just been a variation of the batch and since they are all handmade I definitely would keep buying!

you can purchase their polishes here  or http://www.etsy.com/utopiaspolish

Another blog post tomorrow so keep your eyes put!

-Love Dirtyrichhh

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