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Wikid Nails

19 Aug

Hey Dolls, so today I have the ever-so-amazing Wikid Nails. Of course I am late so again, I apologize but lets get to it.


So first I have this pretty little polish of pink and yellow hexes with some larger orange hexes all matte in a clear base. This is one hefty coat over Zoya Blu.


20130816_222326Doesn’t this polish kind of remind you of lemonade?


Next is a clear base loaded with tons of hexes in colors such as teal, orange, blue, magenta, lavender, and green. I layered this over a Sally Hansen Nude, this is two thin coats.



Next is a clear base with pastel yellow, white, and green hexes with holo pink squares over Zoya Blu.



20130727_213516Next is my absolute fave!!! DOLLS THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!!! like im not even lying this polish is incredible!!!

This polish is a beauty. It is a charcoal base? loaded and I mean loaded with mustard yellow hexes, red holo squares, blue and green holo hexes. This thing is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Lastly, below is Fandango which is a bubblegum pink with micro silver shimmer. This is such a gorgeous color and  the shimmer is super subtle and hard to capture on camera. This is 3 thin coats on its own.




Wikid Nails formula for all the polishes is great! I think Fandango is a bit of a frosty finish (which is not my fave but this is so pretty) and they have good dry time. I am inlove with the jelly base polish! it is incredibly beautiful IRL and has soooo much holo glitters you need to see yourself!

Dolls go check out their website for availability on these polishes. Check them here . Definitely go check out when and get yourself some of these polishes especially my fave before it sells out. Sorry I don’t have the names for most of them, they came without labels.

Love, Dirtyrichhh



Makeupdork Cosmetics

18 Aug

Hey dolls, so today I have Makeup Dork Cosmetics.  I have first here a Neon orange nail polish which is so beautiful and can you see here it is opaque in just 3 thin coats, although you can get away with 2 healthy coats.

Great formula and loved the brightness of this neon amazingness.20130727_193043



Next here I have Hot Pink lipstick. It’s was hard to put on because it was dry. But once on the lips it doesn’t feel so dry but rather…. sticky if I can describe it that way. I don’t know exactly why or what happened but it was still a pretty pink.





This is the only way I was able to show the brightness because the others flatted out the color.

Next I have the Purple Jumbo Pencil which can be used for eyeshadow, eyeshadow base, and lips. I was only able to swatch this on my hand because my nephew got a hold of this and I haven’t found it till this day.




Last but not least…. Is this Orange Peel jumbo pencil in which I obviously used on my lips and I absolutely love it. It is so easy and smooth to put on and it is so beautifully bright… I just loved this! and yes I will keep using it!




Hey dolls if you want to check out any of these products and tons tons tons more click here. Go get some Orange peels and the amazing nail polish.

Love Dirtyrichhh


Dragon Lacquer- Coupon Code Inside!!!!!!!!!!!

11 Jun

Hey dolls, so I’m glad to show you Dragon Lacquer. First I think we should all stand up and applaud them for the amazing packaging they do! It is so cute and simple but I love it. Everything was wrapped individually and perfectly safe. I got this the day of my graduation so its been waiting for this post for a while!


Here is what I got in the box…. I loved that they placed this on the box so when I opened the box that’s what I saw first.


And guess what else they had on the box?? A discount for all you glamour babies!!!!!!!!!!!! Please take advantage of this discount! It ends June 30 and by the end of this review you will definitely want to go use it!


Ok so First I have Enlighten-Mint which is obviously a beautiful mint/green apple base with green

shimmer and micro silver glitter!



This polish is a little bit on the sheer side but totally buildable and completely opaque in 3 coats. so that is what I used, 3 medium coats and it was a smooth city, USA! lol you guys already know, what’s my favorite color? green, especially mint green and I am a little biased because of that but it was really easy to work with.




The formula was not too thick and was just perfect, dried fairly quickly, and the silver glitter was so easy to see, can you see it?



20130605_213135 ahh giant finger!

Ok next I have Zombody to love which is a lilac/lavender base with light green and purple hexes and super cute pink hearts.



This polish is opaque in 2ish coats and the formula was just right for this base. It’s a crelly but leans toward the crème side. Either way, this polish is so pretty, the base color is so perfect for spring/summer and its just soft but bring enough to catch peoples eyes.



And the hearts?? well as usual there is some fishing with large sized glitter but not anything out of the ordinary because either way Dragon lacquer says it is “not meant to be on every nail”, which is true, although I find myself trying to out one on each nail lol.


This polish did not take any longer to dry. BTW if your not into crazy glittered polishes, like the next two, this one and Enlighten-Mint would be perfect for you, where it still gives a sparkle!


But that is totally not me, I love my sparkle and that is why I am INLOVE with RAINBOW RAMPAGE which is a clear base loaded and I mean loaded with tons of multi colored shreds. I saw some purple, pink, green, blue, and yellow all with some silver holo glitter which is totally amazing!!


I layered this polish over a white base and this is literally just 1 coat!! Yeah, 1 coat! I know I couldn’t believe myself so that’s why here we have a GLITTERBOMB and I am officially declaring this a GLAMMUSTHAVE because it is that amazing!


I did 1 healthy coat of this and it was all I needed. it was perfect. Because I did one coat, the polish didn’t take long to dry , but had I done two, it might have taken longer. I followed this with some seche and it was my mani for 3 days!



aren’t the glitters gorgeous??????????



Ok last but not least I have w00t, which is a clear base loaded with matte neon pink and yellow micro glitter and micro holo glitter.



I layered this over a red base and it was another match made in heaven. This is 2 thin coats over a red base and it dried in great timing and sparkled like no other… doesn’t it remind you of fire?


I think the matte neon pink glitters were so amazing with this red that I honestly couldn’t picture it with any other color


and I love that the holo glitters are shining through!




ok Glambabies, this is a new to me indie brand and I am greatly pleased with the polishes, the formulas are great and the creations are so gorgeous!!! please take advantage of the discount code! Dragon Lacquer is a great brand and its definitely another one to watch out for!!

you can purchase these and tons more beautiful polishes here or http://www.etsy.com/shop/DragonLacquer

-Love always @Dirtyrichhh

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