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Bubbles N Balms

10 Feb

Hi glamies!

So I actually got ahead in my homework yesterday so I have time to do a blog post tonight. Ok so on to the show, today I have Bubbles n Balms nail polish. Below are bottle shots of the four I chose which are Galaxy, Jubilee,Cupids Kisses, and B-Day Cake.

2013-01-25 20.44.22

2013-01-25 20.44.41

First of the four I have Cupids Kisses, which is obviously a valentines day polish. Cupids kisses is a clear base with matte pink, holo pink, violet and red glitter with white matte bars, fuschia circles (eek!) and tiny bits of gold and silver glitter.

2013-01-25 20.21.26

2013-01-25 20.21.57

I put this polish over a plum china glaze. I had to turn the polish bottle upside down so that I can get enough glitter. In that way I was able to get tons of glitter. If I wouldn’t had turned the bottle upside down the glitter would be a little scarce for me. I like lots of sparkle so I needed to use this method.

2013-01-25 20.24.50

The formula is good, it wasnt too thick and the glitter didnt curl. I have only started liking bar glitter and it is used so nicely in this polish. The combinations of the glitters in this polish is great! With circle glitters being my new absolute fave, it is so pretty in this polish.

Below is a giant finger

2013-01-25 20.25.13

2013-01-25 20.26.19

 well two

Next is B-day Cake is a white milky base with shredded matte blue and purple glitter as well as cobalt hex,matte  medium pink hex, square blue glitters. I have had lots of white polishes and in the Indie brand, this is seriously probably my favorite white indie. The polish is opaque in one coat, but as usual I had to do two.

2013-01-25 20.38.29

Sorry for the flash in this photo that you cant see, well barely but I just love how white it is and how bright it shines in the light.

2013-01-25 20.39.32

Below you can really see the shredded matte glitter.

2013-01-25 20.40.07

Honestly, this is a must have. The formula in this white polish is amazing. It doesnt streak and its so deep but still shows the glitters through, IRL!

2013-01-25 20.40.02

Below is a filtered close up so you can see just how yummy it is!!! It reminds me of those confetti cakes which I love!

2013-01-25 20.40.19

best white indie!!!

Third, I have Galaxy. Galaxy is a clear base with matte and holo blue glitter of all different sizes along with irridescent and micro glitter.

2013-01-25 19.35.49

This polish is a glitter BOMB!!! It is so pretty. I layered this polish over a sally hansen black polish and I think it was just perfect.

2013-01-25 19.39.07

No need for fishing in this polish it seriously is really sparkly and so pretty. I love the blue sqaures!

2013-01-25 19.39.25

The formula in this polish was great. It had great dry time and the glitter as usual didnt curl.

2013-01-25 19.39.31

Giant finger!

2013-01-25 19.39.38


2013-01-25 19.40.41

Up next is my second favorite of the bunch which is Jubilee. Jubilee is a milky/crelly  lavendar base  loaded with all colors of hexes in both small and medium with the slightest silver irridescence.

2013-01-25 19.58.28

This polish is so perfect for spring, it was two coats was perfect but I had to do three. I just love seeing the layered glitter in between.

2013-01-25 19.58.57

2013-01-25 19.58.49

Giant finger!

2013-01-25 19.59.03

Jubilee has a great formula. Its milky and crelly with so much different colored glitter that looks like a sugar frosting cookie.

2013-01-25 19.59.13

I would highly recommend getting polishes from Bubbles N balms but they also have soaps and lip butters on their etsy site which you can click here.  http://www.etsy.com/shop/BubblesnBalms?section_id=12778938

these polishes were sent to me for reviewing

-Love Dirtyrichhh


Christmas Mani

10 Feb

Hi guys I know this is so late but Im finally showing you guys my christmas mani. For some reason I couldnt send the pictures to my computer but here it is! Below is a photo of the polishes I used to make this mani!

I am so inlove!


I first applied Lacquerlicious Christmas Garland with one thin coat. Then I used Jindie Nails Yule love this again 1 thin coat and then I applied Jindie Nails Candy cane which completely sealed the deal. I am so still inlove with this I think that Candy Cane is so gorgeous.

2012-12-23 17.06.01Candy Cane:

White cream/jelly base with matte large and medium hex, red metallic and green metallic hex. Perfect formula for this baby no wonder I love it. There was a little fishing for the large red hex which is what I wanted on each nail and it really makes the polish stand out! Opaque on its own in 2-3 coats.

2012-12-23 17.07.01YLT :

is a white base polish with red, green, and gold round glitter. This polish was thin and sheer but it was perfect for layering!

2012-12-23 17.06.22 Christmas Garland:

“This polish is in a white cream/jelly base with any and every shade and type of red, magenta, pink, light pink, green, light green, and silver glitter. Matte, hologram, foil… Hex, square, bar… from tiny to large”. This polish was a little on the thick side but completely workable! Opaque on its own in 2 coats!

2012-12-23 17.05.31 just another look with a top coat I have been trying out. So far this Nuance by Salma Hayek top coat makes my polish shine and dries super fast no matter how many layers of polish I have making glitter polishes super smooth but only downside is that it peels polish after 2 days in whole which is kind of a good thing to some but I love it either way!


Darling Diva Polish

10 Feb

Good afternoon ladies!

So I am posting today in between homework ugh first week of school is over and boy was it stressful! I have homework already! whatever happened to those professors that didn’t give homework during the first week of classes? The first day of some of my classes, we were already starting to do classwork, I mean I have been in college for 6 years now and I rarely have professors give homework the first day! Well anyways, I have to hurry this up and finish so I can continue doing homework! Shake that Monkey! (haha sorry Im listening to my itunes right now and that song came out. BTW all my friends and family will tell you that Shake that monkey is my song! haha I even wrote that as my senior quote, I know Im crazy but thats just who I am. As I said, I love to dance and man that song makes me shake my monkey, aka booty!)

Ok so onto non-crazy things. Today for review I have Darling Diva Polish. For the first Polish I have today is Cherubic. Cherubic is a light pink almost white crelly base  pink and purple glitters such as squares, hexes, round and even pink hearts!

Below are bottle shots and a macro of the bottle shot

2013-01-16 21.39.35

2013-01-16 21.39.57

2013-01-16 21.41.19

I love the round glitters, I feel like they are being seen everywhere now and are a new “thing” in Indie polishes.

I have 3 thin coats of this polish on its own topped with nuance top coat . It is a great formula and easy to apply. There is only fishing for the large hearts but as usual, its expected.

2013-01-16 21.40.36

On Darling Diva Polish etsy shop she states you can put a note in your order of this polish and you can ask for more hearts in the polish which she will fulfill.

Below you can see up close with a filter, of my index finger so you can see the glitters easier including the heart.

2013-01-16 21.43.03

I think this polish is so perfect for Valentines Day as a Mani! It is so pretty and perfect. I am so inlove with this polish and I think that this one is a few of my Valentines Day mani Polishes.

2013-01-16 21.40.47

You can see in this picture I actually have two hearts on my index finger, one on my middle finger, and barely there on my pinky you can see one towards the end on the right side. I cant stop saying it but i Love this polish so much! Below is just a shot of the different pretty glitters of this polish! They are so perfectly combined and coordinated.

2013-01-16 21.41.55

Here is a different view of the polish.

2013-01-16 21.41.13

Next I have Pot O’ Gold The perfect St. Patricks day polish.

Below are bottle shots of this polish

2013-01-18 21.26.30

2013-01-18 21.26.59

Pot O’Gold is a topper polish. It is a clear base with small and medium green hexes, gold holo glitter, and slight green shimmer.

I applied to healthy coats on top of a Sally hansen white polish. I used two thin coats of  Nuance top coat and one thin coat of Seche Vite.

2013-01-18 21.22.29

I used a white polish only because I wanted to show all the glitters in this polish and the sparkle is just so perfect. You can do this polish on top of any shade of green, black, and yellow and it would look perfect.

2013-01-18 21.22.59

The formula for this one was great, the glitters were easy to apply and as you can see there was no shortage of it. I dabbed the second coat on only because I wanted a little more covereage but I made sure to dab it very lightly so the polish wouldn’t be so thick it would never dry.

2013-01-18 21.22.35

Here are my solo nails, isn’t it so pretty!

2013-01-18 21.23.08

this polish also kind of reminds me of salad,hmm I think its almost dinner time. haha

2013-01-18 21.22.47

I will be honest with you all, since I will always be and have been, I completely recommend Darling Diva Polish for your manicure needs. When she asked me which polishes I wanted to review, this line of indie was one of those where I couldnt narrow it down to less than 10 polishes, I am not even kidding. I had a long list for her and told her that any from the list would be so perfect (my love is all I have to give, ahh Backstreet boys, sorry its on random and apparently so am I lol) so yeah, DDP has an amazing line of polishes and I will be her long going customer because they are so gorgeous. Go check out the etsy shop here  or just copy and paste http://www.etsy.com/shop/DarlingDivaPolish



these polishes were sent to me for my honest review



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