Hi guys, so first I want to apologize to the maker of these beautiful polishes Michelle Neasbitt aka @creativenailchick because I took so long in reviewing these beauties and I stated that they were going to be up yesterday and I got so busy and are now up today. But moving on, I can say that I am completely in love with Michelle’s polish line LACQUERLICIOUS! So here is a set of three polishes from her line.

Here are some bottle shots of the three polishes she sent to me for reviewing… by the way she has so many beautiful polishes that when she asked me for a list of polishes I wanted to review I couldn’t narrow it down to 6 lol I told her any polish from her collection would be great and I was so happy with these three!

The polishes she sent me are Pink Granite, Lava Rocks, and Queen Crown

2013-01-04 21.24.33

2013-01-04 21.25.19

First of the pretty polishes we have here is Pink Granite. Pink Granite is a clear base polish with matte pink, black, and white hexes and square glitters. You can see all the different sizes of Hex and square glitters in this photo! I paired this will Sally Hansen “Mint Sorbet”. This is by far my favorite combination ever! The mint green really shows off the matte glitters! I wanted to put an undie where it could show all the colors of the matte glitter because I didn’t want to hide any little glitter!

2013-01-04 20.51.46

Application was smooth and I did not have any problems with the glitters  they were so easy to work with, this formula was great. I am so glad she sent me this polish because I have nothing like it in my collection. Honestly, I am usually not a fan of matte glitters but I think she just changed me!

2013-01-04 20.51.52

This polish does remind me of granite and has such a unique mix of glitters, this is a must have!!

Second is Lava Rocks. Lava rocks is in a clear base with medium matte black hex, medium matte black diamond, small matte black square, black slivers, large magenta pink hex glitter, small magenta pink square glitter, tiny matte black hex and tiny magenta pink hex glitter.

2013-01-04 20.26.47

As an undie I used Essie “Hot cocoa” again, I really wanted something to show off each and every single glitter in this polish. This look is 2 coats of hot cocoa with 2 coats of Lava rocks and 2 coats of top coat. I used the dabbing method so more glitter can be seen. Application was good with this polish, there was no curling of the sliver/bar glitter and no fishing for large glitter.

2013-01-04 20.27.20

I love that Lava rocks does remind me of lava rocks, especially with the undie I paired it with because the photos I saw had black with purple undertones and  the beige-ish brown color of the undie also is in the warm tones of the lava rocks. I love that both Pink Granite and Lava
Rocks are based on natural earth textures of igneous rocks. (Just had a geology course fall semester)

Third is Queen crown. As I posted on Instagram, I was not that happy with this combination I did. I used Revlon Royal as a base because I though it would show the pinks nicely, I mean it does, but it didn’t sparkle as much I had wanted it to because of the blue I used. I think if I would have paired it with black it would have stood out a lot more but i am posting it here because I need to. I might do a better swatch of this in the future and I will be sure to post it here.

2013-01-04 21.17.12

ok so onto the review. Queen crown is a clear base polish with silver holographic glitter, small pink and purple holo glitter, and also purple and silver holo shredded glitter. This polish is so hard to capture on photo, I couldn’t get a really good photo but these were the best of the bunch. I am currently working on making a light box so that my photos don’t look so bad.

2013-01-04 21.18.32

You can really see the shredded glitter in this picture. No dabbing method needed here and no fishing at all. This was 1 coat of Revlon Royal and 2 coats of Queen Crown. The application of this very smooth as typical of her other polishes and I know I have a bald spot on my middle finger, it was while I was capturing the pictures but I think it still looks good. It was hard for me to get glitter all the way to the tip of my nail but that’s my problem not the polish!

I do love how this reminds me of the gems in a- to say the least- Queens Crown and the undie that I picked Royal? I must have planned something in my mind to put Royal and Queen crown together. Denise the other member of our blog loved this combo and convinced me to put it maybe it was meant to be. You know what? as I am typing this I am actually growing to love this swatch but ill still do a better one in the future. I have a lot of work to do, family is taking down Christmas decorations around me right now and I have some more posts to do, I will upload another one from Lacquerlicious later tonight.

Ok so as promised… Here is another and probably one of my favorites from her whole line, this is Christmas Snowfall! it is so beautiful and I am so glad I bought this beauty before it was gone. This was a limited edition from her winter white jelly’s  collection.

2012-12-26 18.12.53

Christmas Snowfall is a white crelly (creme and jelly) base and  it seems have a light blue undertone. This polish literally has any and all kinds of blue glitter. It has round, bar, shredded, hex, irridescent, bars, small, medium, large, and even holos of all types! I am just so in love with this polish.

2012-12-26 18.11.23

Here is a giant finger close up lol

Look at all the glitters you can see the different types of glitters. As usual, application was good, the formula was good it was basically a glitter bomb which I adore so I have no problems with it. This is 3 coats by itself…no undies!  It is so pretty in person and if you were able to get your hands on these then you were one of the lucky ones.

Below is a blurry photo so you can see the holo glitter sparkle and it is just simply amazing! I love it!

2012-12-26 18.12.29

For now you can purchase these and more from her collection at:




2 Responses to “Lacquerlicious”

  1. Jenna January 7, 2013 at 9:40 PM #

    This is so pretty I love it now I want to go buy some

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