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Blue-Eyed Girl summer collection

16 Jul

Hey dolls,

so tonight I have an awesome post for you.

this post is about,well you guessed it Blue-Eyed Girl lacquer. I have 4 polishes from this summer collection “Far from the sun” which is inspired by the beaches and sunset.

First from the summer collection “Chlorine Light” which is bright blue medium/subtle linear holographic with some flakies. This polish leans on the metallic side and above all is a one coater!!!!!! It has a great formula and so easy to apply.



Next is “If you’re a Seascape” which is a coral linear holo polish with a pink to gold shift. This one is a beauty!!! it is so fragile and pretty, reminds me of cotton candy. This filter is not color accurate and is more coral leaning in person and the formula was great, opaque in two coats!!! My fave of the collection!

20140715_211002 (1)




Next is “Intersecting Lines in the sand” which is a yellow-gold almost green leaning linear holo with such a crazy tri color shift. I tried to get the shift into purple, blue, and pink but no sun and only lamps/flash were not agreeing with this polish, it is so hard to photograph, but look at this gorgeous color.




Last is “Born of the sea” which is a medium green with some pink and teal sparkles you can totally see them in the photos below. It was a great formula and so easy to apply!!

20140715_204213 (1)



Dolls this isn’t the whole collection. If you want more, go check out the rest of the collection when it releases july 20 at 1pm pst. You can check out the Instagram @blueeyedlawyer and twitter as well as facebook blue eyed girl lacquer.


Definitely recommend these awesome formulas and polishes.

Love always,



Thanksgiving golden cranberry makeup glam look

14 Jan

Hi beauty addicts!!!

Heres a quick post of my makeup look that I did for thanksgiving.

I hope you dolls like it!

20131128_151236Prime your eyes

On middle of the lid Half Baked eyeshadow from Naked 2 eye palette

Buck from Naked 1 palette in crease

Cranberry shade with a small crease brush in inner corner and outer corner/crease



clean brush and whats left on it blend eyeshadow from inner corner to  the outer corner/crease making a slight blending in the crease.


use glitter glue and place gold shimmer over half baked.

blend any harsh edges on the crease with a clean blending brush



Use a gel liner for winged eyeliner

Place falsies

use mascara to blend falsies with your natural lashes

use cranberry shadow on lower lash line with small brush

black eyeliner in water line and tightline your upper water line (carefully)

blend black water line to cranberry shadow using a smudge brush




for Lips I used a soft brown lip pencil from Urban decay, I left it at work so I cant think of the name but it has a rose undertone to it.





Hope you ladies like my look

if you have any questions please let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Always,





Limitless Lacquer

22 Aug

Limitless lacquer… Can I say anything bad about this brand?? Nope!!! I can already tell you that this is going to be pic heavy and amazingggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh okay Lets get on this baby!!! Fist beauty is an Orange Holo polish, totally opaque in two thin coats on its own, no undies! I mean for the polish haha.


I used WLTC (check my post on Sparkle Nail polish) as my topcoat and that helped make this polish look so squishy!!! I love this, the formula is super smooth and easy to work with.

Below are pics in sunlight and then indoors with flash.




Look at all that holo!!!!!20130813_183920


The orange on this is truly a great orange, reminds me of the skin of the orange!



Dolls this is my fave!!!!!!!!!!! I love them all but this is definitely #1!



Next is a beautiful (I’m going to be saying that a lot) purple jelly loaded with teal dots and small blue hexes. This polish is opaque in three thin coats on its own.


Check out this beauty!
20130813_190032The polish is a bit bright IRL and the dots are just gorgeous with this base. I couldn’t believe how cute this combo is.




Formula is perfection in a bottle!!




Next I have a rich deep blue/navy jelly loaded with holo black hex in sizes from micro to medium. Ahh this is another beauty (see I can’t stop) lol This is three thin coats on its own. As a jelly its so rich but you can still see the glitters peeking through each layer. 20130813_200832


Great formula and such beautiful holo glitters.20130813_200836


Who doesn’t love a blue polish and jelly with holo glitter, umm yes!!!


Next I have a nearly impossible, super hard to capture stunning polish. I could not get all the glitters and depth of this polish to show, but I hope I got this close enough. This here is a shifty! In certain angles it looks teal, while in others it reflects gold, and in another a greenish base loaded with teal hexes, gold dots and hexes,



See how hard this one was to capture? 20130813_192710


This is simply stunning!!!! It just has so much going on but its all sooo pretty.



Last but not least is a black jelly base loaded with blue and pink holo glitters. Completely opaque in two thin coats maybe one healthy coat on its own.


This is so simple but its just the right amount of sparkle with the holo glitters in this beauty.





Dolls, Limitless does not disappoint! All the polishes in this review are simply amazing and such great formulas. You cannot leave this post without going to buy some of these beauties, if you can, get them all. They are very good prices and I cant believe they arent sold out! Dolls help me do just that! The polishes are so unique and stunning ahhh I cant get enough. CLick here and buy the polishes!!!  Im loving the milky blue and chocolate polish as well!!! Im telling you go now!!!!!!!!!!!!


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